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      Autofills forms with your Facebook information

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      Jot-Form-Filler App extracts your basic info like first name,last name, city, date of birth from your facebook account. This info is converted into a drop-down menu. This App will then ask for your JotForm URL , load it inside this app webpage and then append suggestion box (drop-down menu) to each textbox of the JotForm submitted. User can then select an item from the drop-down menu and the selected info gets inserted into the corresponding textbox directly, without having the user to use keyboard to type. This makes the form filling experience innovative, easier and enjoyable.

      This app works in three steps. 1st : You should login to your facebook account. 2nd : Select a Jotform you want to fill up (submit the URL of JotForm). 3rd: Add suggestion Box.


      It can also be used inside facebook. here is the link