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      Easily download all your uploaded files to your computer

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      (1) First you need to download and install Ruby on the Machine you are going to use this App on.

      (2) Once you have ruby fully installed on your machine you can then download the rb files we have for this app shown on our github link when you get this app.

      (3) At this point will need to have these files within a folder of it's on on your computer.

      (4) Finally, you can launch Windows/Linux/Mac terminal, go to the folder with scripts, and enter this command to run the downloader script:

      ruby downloadUploadedFiles.rb {apiKey} {formID}

      NOTE: You must use your JotForm API Key for {apiKey} and the ID of your Form which you want to download the files for {formID}. Do not use the tags themselves or it will not work